Should We Seek Ways to Control the Brain With Technologies?


First of all, I think healthy babies, children and adults should be allowed to grow naturally. They should reflect, experiment and brainstorm, leading to an increase of synaptic connections inside their brain, and benefit from wisdom and knowledge in a natural way.

If these people’s brains are bombarded with technologies to control them, it may have the opposite effect, making them talk and behave clumsily and inadequately. In fact, they may become duller and dumber. Their brains were appropriately and excellently functioning before the application of technologies. So these facts need to be taken into account and further researched.

On the other hand, criminals with mentally ill backgrounds and disturbing childhoods may have their brains imposed to technologies in an attempt to wire their brains in healthy, proper ways so that they give up their criminal activities and become softened and start to think rationally and sensibly. If this can be done to this category of people by manipulating their brains in the right ways with the help of technology, that’s well and good. Naturally, there needs to be more research in this area as well.

Another category of people who may benefit from having their brains controlled by technology includes mentally retarded children and adults. If technology can help these people to improve their mental health and boost their brain power to a slightly higher degree, they are better able to communicate, do activities well and understand life better.

Therefore, manipulating the brain with technology may not be appropriate for everyone although as I have mentioned a proportion of people have the possibility to benefit from such a thing.

Before we really apply it to people, scientists and researchers need to be thorough with their experimental and research effects. If these experiments and researches are applied to animals, that’s okay but applying them to healthy and mentally sound people may lead to hazardous results.

The worth of human beings is much more than animals. So scientists and researchers should also be careful about who they apply their experiments and researches on initially.

On the other hand, animals and human beings may not react the same way when technologies are applied to their brains. So this is a delicate issue, and the cases should be handled with care and safety measures.


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